Doug Beck
I have engaged John Weecks for the past 25 years (or so) with respect to multiple and significant jewelry creations, assignments and adjustments.
I have purchased “finished” jewelry with the specific intent of sending it to John in order that he would adjust the original piece to meet my specific needs/desires. Additionally, I have employed John to create multiple original works in gold, silver and platinum, and he has always been specific and accurate and has facilitated the goals with professionalism and true artistic merit. Indeed, his work has been timely, creative and excellent. Frankly – unlike many artisans – John takes timelines seriously and maintains communication throughout the project with his insight, observations and suggestions. It has been a pleasure working with John and I recommend him whole-heartedly.
Dr. Douglas L. Beck
San Antonio, Texas



I have known John for about 15 years.  He is one of those individuals that a person rarely has an opportunity to work with, who is multi-talented, and has an interest in many facets of life and art forms.  He is an excellent illustrator, painter, craftsman and restorer.  If he is asked to do a project that he may not be familiar with (which are not many), he will research the task, find a solution for it, and advise you on the best way to do it, and complete the job. Whether it is woodwork, metal or paint, he is a knowledgable craftsman/artist with a creative and diagnostic mind, and just an all-around good human being.
 Ron Meyer-goldsmith
fabrication of fine jewelry

Phoenix, AZ




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